Monday, 2 May 2011

hasta la vista, baby!

hollywood has announced the release of its latest production: "wag the dog - part 2". the producers, who wish to remain anonymous, are confident that the sequel will be as, if not more, successful as the first "wag the dog" (1997). as sequels go, WTD-2 doesn't offer anything original or innovative - the storyline of the original : presidential elections-need for some spectacular government win against terror-war in some remote (anything outside of the US is remote to its natives)-democratic rebels struggling against dictators-brave US news team covering the war-capture of monstrous military general-grateful populace-landslide victory for american prez; has proved to be such a box-office draw that the current offering has repeated it, only difference is the region and the time frame: may 2011.

the studio, We Are in the Race, (WAR), when approached for comments, declared that they were absolutely convinced in the first story session that they had a "money-spinner".
"come on, folks, how can one ignore the potential in the story? the sets were already there, the workforce was well prepared, no expenses spared trip to locations, unlimited access to local talent. i mean, we had a good thing just fall into our lap, for heaven's sake!"
the only thing that could have scuttled the project even before the first frame was shot, was the producers' demand that the feature run for only 40 minutes. there have been previous attempts at keeping the duration of documentary-dramas down to 55 minutes, but a full length movie requires the minimum of 106 minutes to put across the ideas and vision of the director.
"what we decided was to only concentrate on the main events and leave it to the media to fill in the gaps, say, the before and after content. this way we could stick to the 40-minute timeline and still satisfy audience demand for entertainment."
while confident of worldwide release, the film will only be shown to the people of the actual locale at a later date.
"the excitement and surprise element is lost for this particular audience as they were there for the shooting and so had exposure to a lot of behind-the-scenes footage. once the memories fade, they will be able to enjoy the movie and appreciate the work we all put in."
the media frenzy which has greeted this release is nothing compared to the anticipated furore at the academy awards and end of term parties. the producers are already planning a sequel since enough reels landed on the editing floor.   

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