Thursday, 24 March 2011

the team that wins the toss, wins the match!

so. indian team lies basking in glory. the other team grits their teeth, scowls at cheering crowds and frowns into tv cameras. enough said.
man of the match - yuvraj. in the past, suitably modest cricketers have dedicated their victory/trophy/prize money to "someone special". but we have done one better. yuvi has dedicated his wc to that someone special. he said it not once, but many many times, "my wc is for a special someone"! i am sure the mysterious person is thrilled while the rest of the world is surprised.
moving on.
next wednesday, IST 2.30pm. "clash of the legends!" or "clash of the legends who will re-write history!"
till then, speculative analysis by pondrous cricket-has-beens and giggling "sports presenters".

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