Wednesday, 23 March 2011

what if we lost the match today?

"the titans clash once again!" this is to announce the impending WCC match between india and australia today at IST 2.30pm, in a city of a state run by one mr narendra modi. the only image the word "titan" brings up on the indian mind is of aamir khan, actor associated with the brand, so a lot of us are going around deeply confused. never mind. will this match overshadow the amazing (as in "strange" and "hmm.mmmm")performance of the pakistani team against the west indians? yes. will the previously played matches fade into oblivion and all those players who have sweated and swatted (flies, mossies, birds, plastic bottles, apple cores) their way into cricket's hall of fame (and shame) also be relegated to the history of "also rans"? yes. and all this before the game is played!
winning this match will garner a lot of praise and commercial contracts for the indian cricketers. once again, they will be claimed by the village, city, state, "mohalla" (suburb, all you hindi-challenged folk) they hail from. sobbing family and relatives will feature on all tv channels - "i always knew he will make me proud! ever since he was 6 months old, he showed signs of being a great fielder/bowler/batsman/captain/wicket keeper/umpire/waterboy/pitch inspector!" i don't know, but it sounds better in the local lingo ("mera family ko bahut proud hai iss pe!").
but, what. if. they. lose?
watch this space, amigos. g'day!


  1. haaaa this is intelligent Sarcastisum loved it

  2. thanks to all who wrote comments. feedback is like sunshine and manure to growing plant.