Wednesday, 30 March 2011

we are the best!

so, i did predict that we will win the semi final. i mean, i knew we were slated for a big win when our team showed up well groomed. everyone heaved a big sigh of relief when the pakistanis had to score 30 runs in the last delivery. no one knew how the game would end till then, lot of nailbiting in the stands when the score was 229 with 3 balls to go - anything could've happened! i know, 30 runs in the last 2 deliveries is a big task but we also know how sneaky the other team can be....
well, laissez-faire, mon amis.
most memorable image of the match in mohali, 30 march 2011?
manmohanji furtively clapping at indian win the moment pm gilani looks the other way.
most misunderstood newsflash after the match?
"after mohali match, the two govts conduct favourable talks".
what really occurred is this: manmohanji successfully got pm gilani to pass the salt during post-game dinner and both agreed that the food was extremely oily.

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