Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Apes Rise Again!

so much hype and anticipation about the new planet of the apes movie! everyone is waiting for the ultimate CGI-enhanced ape movie that will forever dim the impact of king kong, the dinosaur disasters, the snake sagas and the alien extravaganzas! no more jokes about alternate cast who would require the least amount of make-up for the leading roles! no more discussions among the glitterati and the literati about measures to make such offerings better and bigger! personally, all creature movies appear to be feeble attempts by directors and producers to put on film, the alcohol and drug induced fantasies of a few writers. remember the anaconda spitting out jon voight? the alien-sigourney weaver mexican stand-off ? the dinosaur eye in the car window? come on, people! i have been frightened to a stupor by news telecasts showing some of our politicians speaking and moving! an angry microphone wielding mahamayawati compares favourably to an attacking frenzied rex. a mumbling whispering advani to a yoda, any day!

but, i digress. the latest ape film is a prequel. how did the apes conquer the world? how did the statue of liberty end up on a beach millions of miles away? how did frieda pinto get the role? how did the apes realise they could operate complicated machinery and use the microwave? who is still manufacturing space uniforms in the style of star trek? how is the music industry still flourishing? why are humans still caged in toilet-less prisons - have we evolved to a god-like level? why does james franco bring out romantic feelings in female apes when the ape villain doesn't find the female humans attractive? so many questions, so few answers!

well, i am waiting for 12th of august 2011 when the truth will be revealed. if i can sit through the screening while fools talk on their mobile phones, children drum a beat on the seats with empty plastic bottles, the drinkswala demands the correct change while i fumble in my purse in the dark.

the joys of cinema! 


  1. Hi Aunty - I want to add "in india" -- the joys of cinema in India! :-)

  2. Hahaha.... Oo can't wait for the after review!