Friday, 28 September 2012

"the hand that holds an iPhone 5 rules the world"!

is yours the hand that holds the world in the palm of your hand? are you the lucky person who now owns the most coveted gadget known to mankind? have you recently contributed your offering to the forever-bursting coffers of Apple Inc? does a feeling of superiority permeate every cell of your being? have you been colliding with fellow commuters as you ride the local means of transport?  is your presence noticed more than your absence?

if you have answered "YES"! to even half the questions then you are the proud owner of the iPhone 5, a member of the elite club which demands bovine bent of mind, lupine cunning, feline preening and asinine behaviour traits. strange, the acquisition of the most fascinating marvel of the current era should put you in touch with your inner beast! 

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